The Most Visited Websites in South Sudan

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The 20 top ranking South Sudanese websites according to Alexa

Updated 5th August 2018

Alexa Rank Checker is one of the most accurate and free utilities you can use to find out how your web site ranks in comparison to millions of other web sites on the web. It is possible to determine how your website ranks globally or in a specific country by using the free Alexa rank checking utility. The set of rules which Alexa uses to calculate visitors ranking is straightforward. It uses website visitor statistics and search engine position to determine how a website ranks against competitors. It can therefore allow internet website owners and webmasters in South Sudan to have an idea of the modern-day position of  their business or personal websites.

Summary of 20 Top Ranking Websites in South Sudan – Aims to promote plural information, democratic and free debate on the two Sudans. Based in Paris. – Analysis and commentary along with editorial cartoons, quotations, letters, and the CPA 2005 – Official United Nations Development Programme site for South Sudan, provides news – Published quarterly and available free online – A non-profit organization whose mission is to bring fresh, clean water to the people of rural South Sudan – Collection of over 4000 photographs and 1300 objects from the Southern Sudan – Information about culture, tourism and businesses. – British Embassy Office in Juba – Embassy of the United States in Juba – News and information about South Sudan and its government, including consular services, investments etc – Website with numerous maps of Southern Sudan and its towns. – News and information about the NAC’s background, functions, reports, projects and functions. – Norwegian Embassy in Juba – Latest, most relevant news and opinions on issues relating to the South Sudan – Works with existing women’s groups and churches in South Sudan – Netherlands Embassy in Juba

Various dynamics contribute to changing positions of websites daily, weekly, monthly and annually. This list containing the 20 top ranking South Sudanese websites is for rankings as at 5th – August – 2018. Monthly rankings of the top 10, top 20 and even top 100 websites in South Sudan will be published in subsequent months starting from August 2018.